Promoting The Economic Growth of Our Region

About Our Chamber

The Tri-County Chamber of Commerce does not represent a single city, but encompass several communities, separated not only by city limits but by political location as well. Junction City is located in Lane County, Harrisburg is in Linn Count and Monroe is in Benton County. Several of our members are also from Cheshire, as well as nearby Eugene and Springfield.

Both Different And Unique

Our three communities share a common history going back to the mid 1800’s; and all have strong roots in agriculture. However, each now have different attractions for families and businesses. For example, Highway 99 goes through the center of Junction City making it a main thoroughfare. At the north end of town the highway divides into Hwy 99 W. towards Monroe and Corvallis and Hwy 99 E towards Harrisburg. Junction City is the larger of the three; but the growth of housing and development in Monroe and Harrisburg (which is the oldest of the three) provides business and residential opportunities within all of them.

The Small Town Advantage

One of the special attributes of our Chamber is that, although we represent different and distinct cities, all the areas together are small enough that our members can truly get to know each other instead of being lost in a large group. This means that communication and unification happens much more rapidly within the Chamber’s decision-making process, allowing it to be responsive to all our members needs, concerns, and ideas.

All three communities are poised to grow and change substantially within the next decade. How we grow and what direction the business climate takes will influence our area – all its businesses – for years to come. That’s why an active participation in the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce provides you with the most power and voice to influence those changes that will affect your business.

An Invitation

We invite you to use this site to learn more about our Chamber and what it can do for you, and of course encourage you to participate. The more involved you become, the more your own business will grow in a positive way.

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